WHITEPAPER – Explanation of the 8020.eco sound-logo and use cases of sonic branding for our company

the sound

explanation of the sounds

Swoosh: The sound heard at the beginning of a synthesizer, which we call Swoosh, serves as the intro to the logo and gives the listener a sense of speed and agility.

Drum-Break: The drum rhythm in the middle section replaces the conventional melody in a sound logo. It represents dynamism and innovation. By foregoing a traditional melody, we differentiate ourselves acoustically from the competition, giving the logo its own unique selling point (USP). Besides innovation, the rhythm also represents the young team of 8020.eco. The sounds used in the drum-break include typical noises from our office, such as the closing of a notebook or the clicking of a mouse button.

Ambience: The ambience in the sound logo is heard after the Swoosh and during the Drum-Break. It is a live recording from our office and symbolizes communication within our company.

Impulse: The final two drum hits complete the logo and once again represent speed and precision. The sound foundation of the impulse, like the drum-break, was created using recordings of noises from the office.

how and where to use

the 8020.eco sound-logo

Podcasts & Video Content: Use the sound logo as a jingle before each of our podcasts. In video productions, the logo is played alongside the appropriate animation.

Social Media: Utilize the sound logo similarly to video content as an opener for Reels, TikToks, and other platforms. Depending on the content, the animation can be omitted, and the logo can be incorporated solely through sound.

Advertising: Consistently use the sound logo in our own 8020.eco advertising clips. Depending on the type and style of the clip, the sound logo can be placed at the beginning or end of the video. This applies to both purely auditory advertising (e.g., radio commercials) and audio-visual advertising (e.g., TV commercials).

Ringtones: Use the sound logo as an individual ringtone on your work phones. This helps differentiate between business and personal messages, for example.

Client Presentations: Incorporate the logo, including the animation, before your presentations.

Live Events: Utilize the logo as an opener before various segments or emceeing at events.

Apps: In apps produced by us, the logo can be played when the app is opened.

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